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Witness the Impossible

Home of author, magician, and occultist DHP Gastelum. Ghosts are his bread and butter; demons are his vegemite. Witness the impossible!


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Home of author, magician, and occultist DHP Gastelum
Man of Mystery, Victorian Medium,
Professional Misanthrope.

For the last twelve years Daniel has performed magic across the globe ranging from private parties in Los Angeles to seances in Tokyo. He is a cast member of the long running MYTH: Legends of Burlesque and Magic at Anime Expo (The largest anime convention in the US). He frequently performs at festivals and conventions like Wasteland Weekend, Wild Wild West Con, and at convention industries parties across California. He's performed for celebrities at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California, and in 2017 had a successful five show run of his seance in Las Vegas, NV.

Specializing in close up and bizarre magic is the perfect way to experience Halloween all year round. Cards dance, steel bends itself impossibly, and ghosts, some good, some not, come out to play. 

The unknown is just out from the corner of your eye.